“Cameras and Cats Theme Song” Available everywhere. Click here to choose from all places of listening.

“Worldly Wise” Available for purchase everywhere! Click here. And on CD click here.

“Cinema Once” Available for purchase on SpotifyItunesApple MusicGoogle PlayAmazon and more!

“Bag of Bones” Available for purchase on iTunesSpotifyApple MusicGoogle Play,  and Amazon. Check out the full length music video too!

2015 single, “Breakfast Crew”. Check out our full length music video! Available on iTunesApple MusicGoogle PlayAmazon, and Spotify.

A split EP with Goodwill Falcon. With both bands working towards their first full length releases, this split single serves as the stop-gap that will showcase the progression in production value (both groups are recording their own material). This single also showcases the bands’ mutual admiration as each group covers the other (Falcon’s “Pierrot le Fou” & Rugby’s “Commuters”).

Released 01/13/2012 on Harding Street label (US) and The Closing Scene (South America).