About Worldly Wise – ” This album is certainly a gem to add to their brilliant collection.”
Electric Daze Magazine

“With a unique dynamic between vocalists Chris Baker and Myles Katherine, as well as their punchy drumming and great, versatile synth and keyboard tones, Rugby is definitely among the top 1% of the 1% when it comes to the Portland music scene.”
Northwest Music Scene

About the Breakfast Crew Music Video Release – “Exploring the ideas of breakfast as the most important meal of the day and the role it plays in their relationship, they sought to make a video that expressed that narrative in a ‘fun, weird, and light-hearted way’. Well guys, you nailed it.”
Votre Grande Soeur

About the Bag of Bones Music Video Release – “The black and white beach set video is an endearingly romantic face to the track, which at times is intimately quiet and at other times, barrel rolls at you with full force. “Bag of Bones,” both as a song and as a music video, was written, recorded, edited and directed by Rugby themselves, so the personal aspect is fully prevalent.
The Deli Magazine

About the band:

Since 2009, Rugby has been finding seemingly impractical ways to combine pop sensibility and youthful vocals with strange satirical pianos, drums, and synthesizers.  With influences ranging from Deerhoof to Mannheim Steamroller they have found a way to carve themselves into a very unique experience live and recorded.

Rugby currently is vocalist and pianist Chris Baker. (The Breaking Yard, The Invisible Hand, St. Nathan’s Holiday) Vocalist, synthist, and professional photographer Myles Katherine. Drummer Dylan Campbell. (The Vedasay, Red Forman, Bangbakc) And guitarist, bassist, and synthist James Richards.

Rugby has toured extensively playing shows in Orlando, Richmond, New York City, Seattle, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Portland, San Jose, Newport News, Oakland, Savannah. Along the way releasing 2 e.p’s Indian Corn the Goodwill Falcon/ Rugby Split,  and various singles on The Harding Street Label (U.S) and Closing Scene (Brazil).

Enter Worldly Wise

Six years in the making, Rugby self released their first full length record Worldly Wise in November 2016.

Worldly Wise was written, recorded and mixed by Rugby over a six year period in Lynchburg, Virginia and Portland, Oregon. Songs like Box Turtle, Scrilla Mountain and Breakfast Crew offer glimpses of Baroque classical, prog, avant-garde, and electronic music as well as a rock aesthetic. Satire and playfulness also play a large role in songs like “Treasure Racer”; a song about cartoon character Speed Racer blending his dimensional reality with an MS-DOS game called “Treasure Cove”.



Rugby records and mixes all their own music and creates their own music videos.

Rugby Live